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Join us as host JACOB ELBAUM Co-Founder of Shivook evaluates Shopify stores for opportunities to improve conversions.
This concise presentation focuses on fortifying three vital business metrics: Conversion Rate (CVR), Average Order Value (AOV), and Customer Lifetime Value (LTV). In this session, you will learn actionable insights for businesses to instantly enhance their key metrics, balancing theoretical understanding with hands-on advice.
In this episode, Jordan West is joined by Jacob Elbaum, co-founder of Shivook, as they dive deep into the world of e-commerce strategies and tactics. They discuss the importance of focusing on optimizing the checkout process and post-purchase upsells that can be applied on your business. They explored tactical ways to drive immediate revenue instead of relying solely on CRO. It's all about that monetization mindset!
Today, Jacob Elbaum, an E-commerce expert and owner of Shivook agency joins me on my podcast discussion to discuss strategies e-commerce brands can use to increase profits by following the blueprint of other successful e-commerce shops and a history of numbers and data that have actually proven results.
In this new episode of the Scaling E-commerce Podcast we interview Jacob Elbaum who is the CEO of, an agency specialized in all things CRO. Following a rigorous method of observation, testing, reiteration and discovery, Jacob discusses his novel approach to Conversion Rate Optimization relying on experimentation, investigation and the arduous process of evidence gathering to increase traffic based on solid and reliable data and a holistic understanding of a customer’s wants and needs in order to ultimately, convert more efficiently.
Jacob Elbaum is an expert in this field and has spent his career fully understanding A/B testing best practices. His experience and knowledge in the field have made him a benchmark in the e-commerce industry. We're excited to have him here today to share his insights and advice with all of us.
Are you tired of mediocre growth and longing for exponential success in your e-commerce business? Look no further! Shivook, led by the brilliant founder Jacob Elbaum, and accompanied by the marketing expertise of Victor Dwyer, is here to revolutionize your business growth.
In today’s video I cover the exact step by step process that Jacob Elbaum uses to generate his clients millions of dollars in revenue by improving their conversion rate. Breaking down his audit structure, how he got started in the industry and what he looks for in stores when he starts working with them. You can check out Jacob’s Linked In & Website.
In this video, we talk about eCommerce CRO and how you can do more with less effort by increasing your eCommerce store conversion rates.
How to Leverage Shopify Checkout Extensions for Shopify Plus | Webinar With Jacob Elbaum